Lin517: Natural Language Processing


Josef Fruehwald

Course materials for Fall 2022’s Natural Language Processing Course at University of Kentucky.

Date Title Categories
2022-08-20 Mathematical Notation
2022-08-22 Reading a Technical Paper
2022-08-24 What is NLP?
(for this course)
2022-08-31 Data Sparsity data
2022-09-02 Starting Python python
2022-09-06 Data Processing data
2022-09-09 Lists and Dictionaries python
2022-09-13 Addendum data
2022-09-13 Lemmatizing and Stemming data
2022-09-16 Loops Etc. python
2022-09-23 Comprehensions and Useful Things python
2022-09-28 ngram Language Models ngram
2022-09-30 Making and Counting Bigrams python
2022-10-03 Evaluating models models
2022-10-10 ngrams - Perplexity ngram,models
2022-10-11 ngram - Smoothing ngram
2022-10-14 Functions
2022-10-26 Word Vectors - Concepts word vectors
2022-11-01 Term-Document and Term-Context matrices word vectors
2022-11-07 word2vec word vectors
2022-11-14 Gradient Descent Neural Networks
2022-11-16 Matrix Multiplication Neural Networks
2022-11-21 Neural Nets Neural Networks
2022-11-27 Additional Neural Network Concepts Neural Networks
2022-12-05 Sequence Models Neural Networks
Word Vectors word vectors
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