Redevelopment of a Morphological Class

Josef Fruehwald (2012)


In this paper, I will be focusing on the difference between semiweak and regular past tense in terms of TD Deletion. Specifically, I will pursue a revised version of the analysis in Guy and Boyd (1990), casting it in terms of Competing Grammars (Kroch, 1989) and Distributed Morphology (Halle and Marantz, 1993). Specifically, I will propose that the rate of phonological TD Deletion is the same for the regular past and the semiweak. What leads to higher TD Absence in the semiweak verbs is variable morphological absence of /t/, i.e. there is a competing morphological analysis where the past tense of keep is simply /kɛp/, instead of /kɛpt/.

Presented at PLC 35, 2011

Published PWPL 18.1


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