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I'm done my homework- Case assignment in a stative passive

Josef Fruehwald and Neil Myler (forthcoming)


We present an analysis of an understudied construction found in Philadelphia and Canadian English, and also in certain Vermont varieties. In this construction, the participle of certain verbs can appear along with a form of the verb be and a DP complement, producing strings like I'm done my homework, I'm

Accepted Draft

One Hundred Years of Sound Change in Philadelphia: Linear Incrementation, Reversal, and Reanalysis

William Labov , Ingrid Rosenfelder and Josef Fruehwald (2013)


The study of sound change in progress in Philadelphia has been facilitated by the application of forced alignment and automatic vowel measurement to a large corpus of neighborhood studies, including 379 speakers with dates of birth from 1888 to 1991. Two of the sound changes active in the 1970s show

Published Language 89.1 p30-65


Cross Derivational Feeding is Epiphenomenal

Josef Fruehwald and Kyle Gorman (2011)


Bakovic (2005) proposes that patterns of sufficiently-similar segment avoidance are the result of interacting agreement and antigemination constraints, a pattern known as cross-derivational feeding (CDF). The bleeding interactions between epenthesis and assimilation which prevent adjacent sufficiently-similar segments in English are shown to follow, however, from extragrammatical considerations. Several case studies

Presented at NAPhC 6, ILLS 2 [PDF]

Published Studies in the Linguistic Sciences 2011:36-50