Chapter 6: Against Gradual Phonologization

Josef Fruehwald (2013)


In this chapter, I argue against a model of gradual phonologization wherby small phonetic errors gradually accumulate into a new phonological process or category. Based on the results from Chapters 4 and 5, it really looks like new phonological processes enter the grammar at the onset of phonetic changes. Of course, this is somewhat controversial, and the suggestion that new phonological processes enter the grammar before they have robust phonetic correlates may strain credulity. So, I spend most of the rest of the chapter further arguing for the plausibility of this scenario.

My favorite figure from this chapter shows the conditioning on /ey/ raising that I discovered in Chapter 5. Surprisingly, even though a following /l/ appears to most favor the change at the beginning, /ey/ actually never undergoes the change in this context.

Chapter 6

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